About Us

The BRC Story:

“Because Race Car” isn’t just a brand. It isn’t just a response for when your friends and family ask you why you spend so much money on your car. It isn’t just a meme or a fun saying. It’s more than that. Because Race Car is a lifestyle.

If you’re anything like me, cars are always on your mind. More specifically, YOUR car is always on your mind. You can’t get enough of it. You live for your car and your car lives for you. Turning that key and bringing it to life is always the best way to start your morning. Modding her has become a bit of an obsession as you’re always trying to add performance and “perfect” the car in every way. You and your car appreciate the obsession, but your bank account… Well. Maybe it’s best not to talk about that. The smile it puts on your face every time you put the pedal to the floor makes it worth every single penny, so who cares! You love that car. It’s more than just a car though. It’s your race car. This is the Because Race Car lifestyle.

When I created the Because Race Car brand, I had one simple goal in mind. Create fun and original t-shirts for people who love American muscle cars and racing just as much as I do. About 6 months ago, I hopped online to look for some cool automotive shirts but quickly noticed a trend. All I saw was tuner this, and import that. Where were all of the American muscle shirts?! I found a few smaller websites here and there, but nothing really stood out to me personally. I needed something more. I wanted a shirt that was comfortable, fit well, and started conversations at local car meets. So why not design and create these shirts myself? With nothing standing in my way, becauseracecarstore.com was born. I sincerely hope you love wearing my designs just as much as I love creating them.

- Sean Brown (Owner & Founder)

Join Our Team:

The Because Race Car brand & team is constantly growing. That being said, we love working with new people and are always interested in receiving inquiries from those who are interested in joining our team or doing some sort of business with us. If you have an idea in mind and would be interested in working with us, please send an email to inquiries@becauseracecarstore.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

What we’re currently looking for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Youtube/Influencer Merchandise Partners